CDO Mom is Hosting Pasko sa Agosto 2013 Blog Giveaway Caravan!

Pasko sa Agosto 2013

CDO Mom is proud to be hosting Pasko sa Agosto 2013 Blog Giveaway Caravan. When I started this blog hop giveaway back in 2011 from one of my blogs, my intention was just to run an exciting giveaway with super easy mechanics and lots of different prizes for our readers and visitors to join. And to my surprise, it was a hit with a lot of bloggers co-hosting it with me and a lot of participants joining. Sadly, in 2012, I was not able to host the giveaway for some personal reason but this year, 2013, I won’t miss it for the world!!

Now, for this year’s prize, CDO Mom will be giving away the following LOOT!! Yay!!!

Pasko sa Agosto

Our prize for this years Pasko sa Agosto is a complete package for the lady in you or the lady in your life! One winner will win this loot containing one bottle of Livemore VCO Food Supplement (HEALTH), one bar of Seriously White Kojic Soap (BEAUTY) and a Class A Liz Claireborne Lady’s Wallet (FASHION)!

Giveaway will START on August 7, 2013 and will END on August 28, 2013. Winners will be announced on August 31, 2013 and will be emailed accordingly. Giveaway is open to all residents of the Philippines or has a Philippine address where we can send the prize.

Now, the mechanics are easy as 1-2-3! Just follow all that are listed in the RAFFLECOPTER Widget. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By the way, don’t forget to comment telling me that you have joined OK?!

After joining, don’t forget to visit all the blogs who are co-hosting Pasko sa Agosto 2013 Blog Giveaway Caravan with me!

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94 Responses to CDO Mom is Hosting Pasko sa Agosto 2013 Blog Giveaway Caravan!

  1. hi mom! :) i just joined the entry. thank yo so much for this moment. and i wish i’ll be one of the winners in this great event. thanks and more power! :)

  2. Mai says:

    joined. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Joahna says:


    ;) I joined! God bless. ^_^

  4. Joined! A lot of the prizes have whitening churva. haha It’s like telling me something. nyahahaha

  5. Criselda Blancaflor says:

    thanks for this giveaway. hope to win :)

  6. zoan says:

    Thank YOu for this wonderful giveaway! :) Sumali ako, hope manalo hahaha

  7. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Joined! Maligayang Pasko sa Agosto! Thanks!

  8. christine batiller says:

    joined too!

  9. Mitchteryosa says:

    Ding, akin na ang ulit bato! Hahaha! Joined, of course!

  10. jaycellmae almendra says:


  11. Ma. Clarice Lao says:

    Joined! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  12. Crystal Cruz says:


  13. Heidi says:

    I joined! Hope to win. God bless!

  14. theluckyvixen says:

    Just joined your promo! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! more power to your blog pinaymommy :)

  15. Say says:

    Joined. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Margelyn Sanchez says:

    Hi po… I joined…Thank You!

  17. Mertevchel Cañete says:

    Hi, thanks for hosting! Count me in here!

  18. Dhadha says:

    Joined Mommy R! Hope to win! :)

  19. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    i joined, thank you :)

  20. working mama says:

    joined the giveaway..

  21. I just joined here because I am thankful to you for this beautiful giveaways. Hope I will win….

  22. Eloesita Valderama says:

    Hi! I’m joining, wish to win.. :)

  23. Marsha says:

    thank you for the chance!Joined

  24. Richelle Torres says:

    joined :-)

  25. jenny vecina says:

    already joined hope to win

  26. Emma Tan says:

    Hope I win!

  27. Hi, I just joined ur awesome giveaway :) really hoping and praying to win :D

  28. Clarinda Santiago says:


  29. Wow just finished joining all 27/29 except the one sponsor I PMed U sis…Hope to win…and get back that winning mojojo

  30. Sarj says:

    Joined. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Francis Falucho says:

    Joined! Thanks

  32. Annie says:

    I’m joining! Nice giveaway.. :D

  33. May Ongsioco says:

    joined :) hoping to win

  34. Aileen Barcarse says:

    i joined your giveaway :) hope to win

  35. Already joined! Hope to win!

  36. kristine Pelayo says:

    Hope to win :)

  37. Allan Reyes says:


  38. Kirsten Allysandra San Juan says:

    Hi! The Liz Clairborne wallet looks fab! I have just finished joining your contest.

  39. Marlene Yanga says:

    Joined! Thank you very much.

  40. Janice Que says:

    joined : )

  41. louela reyes says:

    Hi, Joined. Thanks a lot.

  42. Liberty Floro says:

    Joined (Y)

  43. Belinda Ibañez says:

    Joined, hope to win!!!

  44. Lorna Puno says:


  45. Elisa Q says:

    Hi sis! I’m joining this contest! :)

  46. Chlythe says:

    Thanks for posting this give away. Joined with fingers crossed.. badly hoping to win any giveaway you’re tossing out :)))

  47. Vicenta says:

    Just join your giveaway.God bless us all!

  48. Zarah Loteria says:

    Joined and hoping to win! :)

  49. Mary Ann Cueto says:

    Joined po… Hope to win…

  50. tipsyliz says:

    Please let me win! hehe

  51. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    joined already! thanks! :)

  52. Josephine Soliman Gregorio says:

    I joined ur giveaway! :)

  53. erika says:

    I joined! Thank you :)

  54. ana lorraine complido says:

    done join<<> hope to win

  55. Louise Ito says:

    Joined! :)

  56. Kristine Cauneran says:


  57. mary joy says:


  58. Liza Marie Valenzuela says:

    Joining! and Hope to win!

  59. says:

    Thanks and hoping to win:)

  60. kristine balaoing-casten says:

    hi there,

    i already joined the contest.hope i win..thank u…

  61. Ging says:

    Joined. Thanks! :)

  62. Mhean lopez says:

    Done all the task! Hope to win^_~

  63. ana lorraine complido says:

    joined cross fingers

  64. Marinela Diaz says:


  65. Mary Anne Ramirez says:

    Hi.. I just joined and hoping to win your giveaway :o)

  66. sheryl an mungcal says:

    joined., hope to win

  67. Aubrey Pranada says:

    I joined! thanks for this Blog! Hope to win! :)

  68. Abigail Sy says:


  69. jessie abing says:


  70. emiliana says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the win!

  71. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says:

    Hi Mommy Joined in your giveaway and i’m very happy that “PASKO SA AGOSTO GIVEAWAY” is back again i remember the year it started 2011 I already joined and supported all the blogs that are co-hosting this bonggacious giveaways and i’m happy i won in one of those blogs :) and i hope this year my luck will strikes again. Thank you for this kind of giveaway and More power to your blog. :)

  72. RONA FADRI says:

    I joined!! :)

  73. maricris abarabar says:


  74. BlogGirl says:

    Joined! Hoping to win! :>

  75. I joined! Im excited and hoping to win! :)

  76. Albert santiago says:

    joined, mommy!

  77. Christine G. Laguna says:


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