NBP Caterer Seeks Presidential Help

The current epidemic hitting the Bureau of Corrections is a tragedy of major proportions that manifestly show the incompetence of its leadership and the state of our current penal system, stated Mang Kiko President Atty Alvin Navarro.

New Bilibid Prison

When the diarrhea epidemic hit the Bilibid prison compound in Muntinlupa, the immediate reaction was to blame the cause of the outbreak on the food service provider, Mang Kiko Catering Services Inc. Bereft of any evidence, officials shouted "food poisoning" as the cause and trumpeted this in media leaving no benefit or an iota of doubt as to the true cause of the outbreak. Even before an investigation was formally mounted, General Benjamin Delos Santos, BUCOR Chief, immediately pointed the finger at the food served by the caterer "paksiw na bangus". Only when Secretary Vitalliano Aguirre entered the picture was an investigation formally ordered and launched as led by the … READ MORE

Jollibee Introduces the JolliRace Kiddie Party Theme

Moms who love celebrating their kids’ parties in Jollibee will love the new kiddie party theme recently introduced by the well-loved Filipino fastfood chain.

The JolliRace Kids Party is the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s birthday as it is a fun and exciting experience. It has everything you need for an authentic Grand Prix party. Your little angel will have a blast participating in a variety of games. There will also be balloons, some coloring fun, and cool prizes.

Of course, your birthday boy or girl will also get a beautiful and delicious cake, in addition to gift bags for the little guests.

And when the little masters and misses get hungry, they’ll feast on Jollibee’s langhap sarap favorites like the Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger meal, and everyone’s favorite, Chickenjoy.

So, you see, mommies; Jollibee’s JolliRace Kids Party should be your first choice from now on. It’s guaranteed to … READ MORE

Is Your Vitamin C Safe?

After the storm that recently brought heavy damage to properties and challenged the health of Cagayan De Oro residents, our kababayan’s  immune system is just starting to recuperate and get back to normal. One sure way to speed up its recovery is to take optimum levels of Vitamin C.

But did you know, that when taking Vitamin C, we have to be careful of several factors such as the type and quality of Vitamin C because not all vitamin C are the same!

The most common type of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. This type of vitamin C has been by far, the cheapest form of Vitamin C, but did you know that when taken at higher quantities, ascorbic acid is not exempted from harmful side effects. Diarrhea, Nausea, Stomach Cramps, Headache, Hyperacidity, Hot Flushes, and Heartburn are just some of the symptoms of taking too much ascorbic acid.… READ MORE