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Unilab Ideas Positive 2012: Calling Cagayan de Oro City College Studs!

Calling college kids! Help transform communities with the Filipino youth!

Young minds coming together can spark great ideas.

Believing in the youth’s ideas and their desire to make a positive difference, Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing clinic and competition-in-one, provides a venue for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas to address the health and wellness concerns of their communities—and turn those ideas into reality.

Unilab Ideas Positive 2012

To help the youth turn their ideas into concrete health and wellness programs for their communities, Unilab Ideas Positive provides them with:

•a 3-day social marketing boot camp, where they learn and understand social marketing approaches from a pool of experts using current and relevant social marketing practices and case studies, and
•a seed money so they can implement their social marketing programs within six months.
Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive gets even better with a focus not only … READ MORE

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Missy Bon Bon Pasalubong Treats

I was really blessed last month when CDO Bloggers invited me to attend the product launch for Missy Bon Bon. Since I have been meaning to visit Missy Bon Bon since I arrived back here in Cagayan de Oro last year, I didn’t think twice and said yes. I even brought along with me my eldest daughter Micah Izabel.

When we arrived there, the event started by dividing us into groups for the trivia night. Then different food specialties were served to us including their latest products which were the unique and tasteful Miss Bon Bon Pastel, Special Cheese Ensaymada, Sweet Potato Bun and my daughter’s favorite Cheesy Sponge.

These food products are part of Missy Bon Bon pasalubong specialties and it comes in boxes of 6’s and 12’s.

So next time you visit Cagayan de Oro City or any of your friends and family comes here, … READ MORE