Liempo King Standing Out on Our Birthday Dinner!

Yesterday was my mother and my sister’s birthday. Yup, they share the same birthday. Since I don’t have enough funds to throw a party, I decided that we should prepare a sumptuous dinner for them as a way of thanksgiving for another year in their lives. We prepared Kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar), Grilled Bangus (milk fish), and two birthday cakes and I also got them two lechon manok and lechon liempo from Liempo King.

liempo king

While we were eating, my sister-in-law, my nephews, including my mom and my sister told me that both the lechon liempo and lechon manok somewhat tasted different. The lechon liempo tasted like a lechon baboy (pork delicacy here in the Philippines) while the lechon manok tasted better than our usual. So, I explained to them that I got them from the newest Lechon King! Their lechon liempo is called that way because it is … READ MORE

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