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Camella CDO Turns 20

Nowadays, a lot of real estate developers came to Cagayan de Oro to pour out their investments in housing projects and among them is the Vista Land Community, the developer of Camella Homes in the entire Philippine Archipelago. It is with great honor then that Vista Land Company trusted the City of Golden Friendship for the past 20 years through building the Camella homes. And suffice to say, Vista Land Company is still the No. 1 Real Estate Developer here in Cagayan de Oro.  Camella CDO has been known for its quality low cost as well as high end residential units that cater the Kagay-anons since 1993.

In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Camella CDO will have a two-weekends fun-filled activity from October 19-20 and October 26-27, 2013 open to all residents as well as new buyers. This is their way of showing their gratefulness to all residents and … READ MORE