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Gift Shopping Ideas

Different life occasions are just waiting to happen this year and we can already feel the need of giving gifts especially for our loved ones. If funding is available, I always make it to a point to give them gifts.

gift ideas

Whenever there are occasions and invitations, you cannot escape the fact that we do need to shop for things that we want our loved ones and friends to receive as gifts from us. For this, we really need to hunt for the things that they like or the things we like them to have. We should hunt beforehand so that we can budget our way to shop.

Next dilemma is where is the good place to shop? It can be at the malls or the market. But to avoid the rush, we can have the perfect gift shopping ideas for our love ones and friends at Zalora. They have … READ MORE

CDO Jobs

Looking for a Job?

cdojobsiteIt is difficult being jobless nowadays especially if you are living in the city. Every move you make, you need to spend money. You want to go somewhere? you need fare. You want to get some update from your friends through text? you need to load your phone. Practically, all of us need money. We need a job to sustain all our needs (and wants!)

However, the number of jobs available right now is seems less than the number of jobless (base on my own assessment). Plus, it takes skills and effort to land a job. Work experience is also a must. If you are a fresh graduate, employer can understand if you have less or no experience at all. Your on-the-job training experience is considerable. However, if you finished schooling 2 or 3 years ago and without any experience, well, maybe luck will find its way to you.

Education, … READ MORE

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Soon Will Rise: Avida Towers Aspira

As I was boarding in a jeepney some days ago, I noticed that a new construction was built along Ramon Chavez Street. It used to be the location of Hotel Ramon but I just found out that on that site will raise another condominium by the Ayala, it’s the Avida Towers Aspira which was launched two months ago. Indeed, many realty investors are pouring out their resources here in Cagayan de Oro, it’s a good sign and an indication too that soon, Cagayan de Oro City will become Metro Cagayan. The Ayala Group of Companies entrusted their investments to us Kagay-anons and it is something that we should be proud of.

During the Grand Launching of Avida Towers Aspira… READ MORE