The Loop – A Comfortable Home Away From Home

One reason why most parents from other places choose to send their children to study here in Cagayan de Oro is that we have prestigious schools and universities here. I know personally some of the students who came from a rich family in Bukidnon. Most of them rented an apartment where they get to share it with fellow transient students. However, not all apartments are conducive enough for living. You cannot guarantee any privacy or even convenience. Most of these apartments also have limited facilities. These are just among those things that every parent should take into consideration when letting their children to live away from home to study.

Academic performance of any students is not only measured on how they do on their exams and projects inside the classroom. Beyond that there are still some factors to consider. How was their study habit outside the school? Where did … READ MORE

Want to Earn More?

Earning online is easier if you have the necessary skills, if you devote some of your time online and if you have the determination. It is understood that all of us wants an extra income yet not all of us are equipped with the skills needed to earn online. Blogging, article writing, doing paid tasks are just among those things that each of us can possibly do online in order to get paid. However, not all of us are articulate enough when it comes to article writing or blogging. Others also just don’t have the confidence to put all their ideas and thoughts into writing. Well, if that is the case, there are still other possible ways to earn online. Why not join some survey? And how about earning 100Php per survey, would that be okay for you? If yes, you may start from HERE.… READ MORE

Gift Shopping Ideas

Different life occasions are just waiting to happen this year and we can already feel the need of giving gifts especially for our loved ones. If funding is available, I always make it to a point to give them gifts.

gift ideas

Whenever there are occasions and invitations, you cannot escape the fact that we do need to shop for things that we want our loved ones and friends to receive as gifts from us. For this, we really need to hunt for the things that they like or the things we like them to have. We should hunt beforehand so that we can budget our way to shop.

Next dilemma is where is the good place to shop? It can be at the malls or the market. But to avoid the rush, we can have the perfect gift shopping ideas for our love ones and friends at Zalora. They have … READ MORE