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Samsung's Curved UHD TV: The World's First

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Samsung’s launching event for the world’s first curved TV. I was really excited to attend since I am an avid Samsung user. My laptop, my daughter’s netbook and my smartphone are all Samsung products.


Anyway, as I attended the event, I was even more excited as I have experienced their latest entertainment product – Samsung Curved UHD TV! As the name suggests, this Ultra High-Definition TV has a CURVED screen which boasts of crisp picture quality, four times more powerful that of a FHD screen, and a change in perspective that makes images appear larger and true-to-life. As compared to flat screen TVs, this special screen allows for a more realistic viewing experience even from different angles – ensuring that everyone gets the best seat in the house.


Samsung Curved UHD TV does not only boast of its looks but … READ MORE