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Joined Earth Hour 2015

When I started to be aware of the things surrounding me, I also started to care about the environment. I believe that Mother Earth deserves our care. Though I was not an avid advocate who devotedly spent my time in volunteering, I subconsciously do things to contribute to Mother Earth’s welfare. I started throwing trash in proper places, turning off the lights when they are not in use, not burning plastic bags and many others.

In 2009, I was introduced to Earth Hour. I believed that their cause is worth it. I started observing it that year with my family and every year thereafter. It was made into a family event. I also used it as an opportunity to share to my kids how to love Mother Earth and take care of it in their own little ways.

Earth Hour 2015

Though I wasn’t able to spend Earth Hour with my kids … READ MORE

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CDO Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here and the kids are at home. As moms (or dads), we often ask ourselves what can the kids do this summer to make them productive with all the free time they've got. Should we send them back to school for summer classes? Should we let them stay at home and enjoy by themselves? Should we let the go on a vacation? Or, should we let them learn something new?


Well, there are a lot of things your kids can do this summer especially if you’re living here in Cagayan de Oro City. I have compiled a list of summer activities your kids can do to make it a fun, memorable and most especially, a productive summer!

Here you go…

Let your kids learn how to play rugby. Enroll them at Cagayan de Oro Rugby Club. By the time this blog post is published, our friends … READ MORE