NBP Caterer Seeks Presidential Help

The current epidemic hitting the Bureau of Corrections is a tragedy of major proportions that manifestly show the incompetence of its leadership and the state of our current penal system, stated Mang Kiko President Atty Alvin Navarro.

New Bilibid Prison

When the diarrhea epidemic hit the Bilibid prison compound in Muntinlupa, the immediate reaction was to blame the cause of the outbreak on the food service provider, Mang Kiko Catering Services Inc. Bereft of any evidence, officials shouted "food poisoning" as the cause and trumpeted this in media leaving no benefit or an iota of doubt as to the true cause of the outbreak. Even before an investigation was formally mounted, General Benjamin Delos Santos, BUCOR Chief, immediately pointed the finger at the food served by the caterer "paksiw na bangus". Only when Secretary Vitalliano Aguirre entered the picture was an investigation formally ordered and launched as led by the … READ MORE