Blogging About Cagayan de Oro City

Travel blogging was not really my cup of tea because I am not a travel blogger per se or plainly blogging about one place but I was able to start blogging about Cagayan de Oro City from my other blog Friendship and Smiles. It was supposed to be my personal blog on my escapades and places visited in City of Golden Friendship (Cagayan de Oro City) and City of Smiles (Bacolod City) but it didn’t turned out to be as it was planned because of many other things.

Anyway, I am still planning to blog about those lovely cities in that blog but if time permits, not now. As for this blog, will also blog about Cagayan de Oro City, mommy life in this city and many other things too, in and around CDO.

So, I am not saying I am going to plainly blog about CDO but I … READ MORE

Welcome to CDO Mom!!

Hello World!!! Welcome to my nth blog CDO Mom!! I called it “nth” because I already lost track of how many blogs I kept. Some are active while others are just cyberly abandoned for the whole internet to read whatever I had in mind when I published those posts.

Anyway, why did I create another blog when I already have too many blogs to handle? Well, simple… I was inspired to create a new one because INFO domains are affordable (nyahahaha!) and of course, I just got back home to my dearest hometown Cagayan de Oro which made me think that it should be celebrated by creating another blog!! Hahaha…
So, if you’re up for an exchange links for my blogroll, just leave me a message. I am creating a special blogroll so watch out for that!

Again, thank you and welcome to CDO Mom!!!

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